Сурин Парк

  • Объявление: Расположение de vacances
  • Вместимость хоста: +20 количество людей
  • Количество номеров: + 5 Номера
  • Телефон: +6676621721 +6676323128
  • Rue: 128 Had Surin Soi 8, Srisoonthorn Rd Cherngtalay, Thalang,
  • Ville: Phuket
  • Страны: Таиланд
  • Почтовый индекс - Почтовый индекс: 83200
  • Сайт: https://www.surinparkphuket.com/

Расположение de vacances Phuket Таиланд

Surin Park предлагает апартаменты не только .. и предоставляет Вам услуги и услуги, вам нужно на спокойный отдых в Пхукете. With its elevated position, it provides a truly peaceful and natural environment with Sweeping Mountain and Sea Views, maximum privacy and only moments from white sandy beaches. A real unique Right Atmosphere to Relax your body and mind and fulfil your Needs , with easy access to two of Phuket’s most beautiful beaches.

Surin Park's apartments give you so much more than an ordinary holiday accommodation in a hotel. We offer apartments not justroomsand even the largest traditional hotel suite would be hard pushed to compete.

All apartments have their own fully equipped kitchen and an open living area that extends out onto the terrace where you can sit and chill. With the generous total area of all apartments entertaining, dining, working, and sleeping can be done in separate areas enabling the children to sleep while Dad watches the football game and mum enjoys a glass of wine with her friends on the spacious terrace. With the help of a fully equipped kitchen you can eat indoors, perhaps saving some money. The kitchen also releases you from the strict hotel meal timetable. A lazy late breakfast in bed is now a tempting possibility. Surin Park feels like home away from home. But

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