Relaxed holiday in the hart of Italie

  • Объявление: Кемпинг
  • Вместимость хоста: +20 количество людей
  • Количество номеров: 5 Номера
  • Языки общения: английский
  • Телефон: +39 334 890 42 42
  • Rue: Masciano 79
  • Ville: Esanatoglia (MC)
  • Страны: Италия
  • Почтовый индекс - Почтовый индекс: 62024
  • Сайт:

Кемпинг Esanatoglia (MC) Италия

В районе исторических мест и Апеннинские горы, Вы найдете Faranghe! Прокат комфортабельные апартаменты с панорамным видом, one of the simply bed and breakfast rooms, the complete furnished caravan or a nice place for tent or caravan. You will always enjoy a quiet and relax atmosphere for a lovely stay. From the terrace you'll have a great view on the Alta Valle d'Esino. From Faranghe! you are in just a view minutes in Esanatoglia or Matelica for visiting shops, Рестораны, pizzerias.

Because Faranghe! is on the boarder of the Umbria and Marche region you can visit the most beautiful old places, musea, churches and find the art and culture that Italie is famous of, but without the crowdedness of the Toscany region. Visit for example Assisi (Franciscus) San Severino (Palio) Perugia (jazzfestival) Мачерата (Opera). Take a site seeing trip by train trough the hilly country of the Marche and take a dive in the Adriatic See. Take the GPS and hike trough the mountains on old tracks where Franciscus and other pilgrims before you have walked since middle ages. For our guests we have different walking maps from the Sibilini mountains, the Monte Cucco, Monte Nero and more.

Home in Faranghe! you can make it yourself comfortable. On request we make you an Italian meal (3 times a week), there are cool drinks and the famous Verdicchio di Matelica and you can make a refreshing dive in the swimming pool.


Look for the niced priced apartments (for 4 or 5 person and 2 person) our simple but full furnished caravan (2 till 5 person) our camping places at the website

Welcome to Faranghe!

Mieke & Michel

Tel. 39 334 890 42 42

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