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Place your rental ad. Use of the site

Create a user account – connection
Create an ad and edit
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The site is a community site about tourism ads.
The goal is to connect Internet users and advertisers Guest, Self catering holiday rentals, Holiday rentals, Campsites.

Thus for all users it is possible to add one or more ad(s).
Can I book accommodation or an activity on ?
To book, simply contact the advertiser directly the detailed.

Create a user account – connection

How to create a user account ?
Click “Register” in the home page, follow the registration procedure.
1No first step Choose a login
an email address *. valid to receive your initial password
*(This address will be used to receive responses, or information about your or (your) advertisement(s), lost password, etc.…)
How to connect to its space ?
Click “Login” in the home page, then enter your username and password.
Please pay attention to the case of these two fields (case / tiny).
I lost my password or my ID ?
If you lost your username or password, click "Login,Login "in the homepage, respectively and click on " Forgot your username ? "Or" Forgot Password ? ».
Finally enter the email address you provided in your contact address and click “Ok”. You will automatically receive an email with your username and password allowing you to access your space.
Should we create multiple user accounts to add multiple ads or comments ?
Not. is a site designed for you to manage multiple listings and comments from the same user account.

Who can add content to the site ?

Anyone can publish content in the site
Thereby, Users can enter records (hotels, Self catering holiday,…etc.).

However the owners and managers have priority over the content of their ads.
I am an owner / manager and my ad is already present in other websites,
Why add my advertisement in ? allows you to increase your visibility on the internet while having integrating quality content: photos, Video, sheets in 5 languages, the geographical location,your profile.

Create an ad and edit

How much is the addition of an ad in ?
Prices” options
How to advertise ?
After logging, you can add a listing by clicking on " Place an ad "On the homepage.
My ad is published it online instantly ?
In order to optimize the quality of the content of ads are not instantly online.
En effet, after adding your listing you will receive an email confirmation of the inclusion of this ad, When it has been technically accepted by the team
How to change an ad I created ?
When you are logged, you arrive on the page “My Dashboard” that includes all of the content that you have added to the site.
Click on the card that you want to change and then click on change.
I'm a manager/owner that the ad is already online in, how do I change this page ?
In that event, Please contact the team in “here.”
The team will then give you the necessary access rights to change the form of your ad.

Inappropriate, signaler un abus

Although the team is vigilant, there may be inappropriate content on the site
That's why we ask you to please report all abuse “here.”

Thank you for your understanding.
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